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What IF... I Don't Like to Sell That Much
Isn't this overkill?

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But here's the golden nugget: the brands that crush it during this season? They're the ones who are relentless and not scared to send emails or upset a few people. 

And considering how cluttered consumers' inboxes get during this time, standing out requires volume. Remember, in the world of marketing, especially during peak seasons: "The one who speaks up, gets served."

Step into your power. One of our favorite quotes sums it up in the image below:

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to have a Shopify account?
No, these 3 mini-campaigns can be executed regardless of your platform.
What if I already have a Shopify Store?
Fantastic! You'll good to go and launch our mini-campaigns. :)
Do you have a guarantee?
Yes of course.  Take this for a spin for 30 days, and if you execute on the campaigns and don't make ANY MOOLAY...good grief of course we'll give you every penny back of your investment. 
Why is this so cheap?
We have a plan.  You see, once you start making money with us...you'll see we know our stuff and naturally, you'll want to see what else we offer and we'd love to have you as a customer for life!
How much time will I need to spend on this?
We understand that time is precious, but remember that there is no easy button to running a successful business.  We do believe each campaign should take you about an hour to execute. 
What if I'm not great at selling things?
Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed. Our Black Friday launch process provides you with the strategy and the campaign scripts and templates, giving you a solid foundation to build on. As you learn and grow, you'll gain confidence in managing your business and overcoming any obstacles that come your way.
Do you do any marketing for me?
Our team does not do any marketing for you, but we do teach how to do it. Email us at info@knittedbelle.com and we can chat about it!
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